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1Learn By ExploringEssay
2MurmurationImage Slider
3MazeImage Slider
4MazeQuestion Set
5ScatterplotQuestion Set
6String Of LettersQuestion Set
7What's Wrong With The StatementQuestion Set
8Murmuration, Hubble Ultra Deep Field, and Romanesco BroccoliEssay
9Tuvan Throat SingingEssay
10What Needed Fixing?Essay
11What Did You Do To Fix It?Essay
12When trying to fix it, what did you learn?Essay
13Now, think about another time when you had to fix another problem. Did the first problem come to mind when you thought about fixing the new problem (yes or no)?Essay
14If the earlier problem came to mind when you tried to solve the later problem, did it help? (If the problem had nothing to do with the earlier problem, then just write N/A)Essay
15If the later problem had nothing to do with the earlier problem, what did you do to fix the later problem?Essay
16Now, think about your lifetime of dealing with different types of problems, can you describe any pattern of how you’ve learned to deal with those problems?Essay
17Have the patterns that you’ve learned to use to solve problems helped you with school (yes or no)?Essay
18If those patterns helped you, describe how they helped (if not, put N/A).Essay
19If those patterns didn’t help, describe why they didn’t help (if they did help, put N/A).Essay
20ChatGPT SessionEssay
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