Afraid to Fly

Thuy Tran and Nahid Namiranian

Have you ever flown before? Did you fly to another country to visit family, or did you travel around the world? For me, I like to travel but I’m afraid to fly. Last week, I got on an airplane and visited my family in Boston. I had such a bad headache that I felt terrible and couldn’t sleep. I was always afraid and closed my eyes while the airplane took off and landed. I couldn’t look outside the window because it made me feel dizzy. My ears hurt so bad due to the sound and air pressure on the airplane. The food tasted very good; unfortunately, I couldn’t eat because I had a bad headache. In fact, I was afraid to even smell the food, so I just drank water. I kept trying to sleep though and eventually succeeded, so my trip got better.

I still don’t like to fly, but I do like to travel. I was very excited because I had been waiting for this trip since last month. My husband advised me for the next trip that I had better take medicine before I get on the airplane, and I have to agree with him. I think I should do that for my next trip because it makes me feel more relaxed. I just hope I won’t be afraid to fly next time.
By Thuy Tran

Drawing of back of head of person watching airplane fly away
By Nahid Namiranian


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