Living Near the Pacific

Mie Ohno and Andressa Albuquerque

Do you have a nostalgic place where you dream of returning for a visit? For me, that place is the Pacific Ocean because my hometown in Japan is close by there. When I see the blue sky, blue ocean and whitecaps, I feel so relaxed that I prefer to stay there all day long. I especially like to hear the sound of the waves because it is like my mother’s voice to me. When I get angry, the sound calmly soothes me, and when I feel sad, the sound gently comforts me. Standing on the shore, I enjoy the sensation of rippling sand under my feet. I can stand there for hours. When I take a rest in my beach chair, the hot sand warms my cold feet. I soon sense the smell of grilled clams coming from the stalls, and the smell makes my stomach growl. When I go to my hometown, I am so overjoyed that I realize I should take my whole family there with me next time.
By Mie Ohno

Drawing of eye
By Andressa Albuquerque


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