Memories of My Childhood

Iryna Mironyuk and Gabby Coughlin

Do you have warm memories of your childhood? I have some moments that make me nostalgic about mine. One of these is of my mother baking pies in the morning. In it, I wake up but still lie in bed when I smell fresh baking. This smell is so good that it always makes me want to run to the kitchen quickly and eat a piece of pie. I hear my mother setting the kitchen table. At these moments, I am feeling warm memories of my childhood: calmness, warmth and happiness. I want this moment to last longer. I go to the kitchen and cut a slice of pie for myself. It’s soft and warm to the touch, and it tastes heavenly. My mother and I drink tea with our pie and talk. The pie is so delicious that I slice another wedge for myself. You should try my mother’s pie sometime. I’m really happy when my mother comes to my home and, especially, when she bakes for us. I would like to have more warm moments such as these in my life.
By Iryna Mironyuk

Drawing of people at table
By Gabby Coughlin


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