My Neighborhood

Gregoire Monnou and Elizaveta Andreeva

I live in the West Totem Lake area of Kirkland and I love it. There are a lot of reasons why. The first is because it’s a quiet area and there isn’t much traffic. The second reason is that it’s beautiful. I enjoy walking everywhere in the neighborhood. I also feel relieved to be safe from cars when I walk because every street has a sidewalk on both sides. Also, I don’t need to walk very far to shop at a nearby grocery store.

There are some minor things I don’t like about my neighborhood. For example, there is not a Department of License office for taking a driver’s license test. Also, there aren’t any African supermarkets either, so I have to drive a long way to buy African food. Finally, I wish there were a playground in my neighborhood to play soccer. But overall, I am so glad that I found such a nice place to live.
By Gregoire Monnou

Drawing of person facing away with soccer ball next to parking lot
By Elizaveta Andreeva


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