Sasmita Nanda and Irene Rodas-Rivera

Do you have a dream place where you can visit on any given day? For me, this place is “Puri.” This place is about a one-hour drive from my hometown in India. When I visit this place, I feel so satisfied that I don’t feel like coming back. The beauty of the great Jagannath temple of the 12th century always catches my eyes. I keep looking at the beautiful art in this temple. When I enter inside the temple, I get a great feeling and feel very peaceful in my mind. The smell of the delicious food inside the temple increases my appetite. The food is so tasty that I always end up eating more. The sea beach here is so beautiful. I feel very relaxed sitting on this beach in the afternoon. I am enjoying the variety of tasty street food nearby. Every trip to Puri is so enjoyable that I never miss any opportunity to visit there.
By Sasmita Nanda

Drawing of landscape with sun and mosque in the distance
By Irene Rodas-Rivera


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