When I am in Armenia

Syuzanna Ziroyoan and Linda Musa

Do you feel your five senses when you’re back home in your country? I always feel them whenever I’m in Armenia. When I walk down the streets there, I see the beautiful mountains from the middle of my city. It makes me so happy to be surrounded by such a sight. I can feel the rich history as I enter each shop and touch the walls of the thousand year-old buildings. It amazes me that the buildings are so old but yet they still stand. As I continue down the street, I start to smell all the amazing Armenian foods being cooked on each corner. I start to walk faster because the smell is making me hungry. I finally arrive at the restaurant where I like to eat my favorite traditional dish of dolmas, which has a taste that reminds me of my childhood.

When I am in Armenia, I feel at home. I hope that everyone can somehow experience what I feel when I’m in Armenia.
By Syuzanna Ziroyan

Drawing of outdoor cafe with tables and chairs next to buildings
By Linda Musa


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