A Person I Admire

Mariya Lifinskaya and Michael Pinch

There are many inspiring people in history whose lives serve as an example for us to follow. These individuals give us the ability to believe in ourselves and make dreams come true. For me, my grandfather’s life story is inspiring. 

Alexander Sergeev was born in 1915 in a low-income family. Despite a difficult childhood, he was engaged in self-education and read a lot. He realized that knowledge gives us great strength, freedom, and endless possibilities at a young age. To help his family, my grandfather started working early. He worked his way up from a typesetter to the editor-in-chief of a newspaper. In 1941, my grandfather went to WWII, where he was wounded. After returning home, even though he had a severe injury, he began his writing career. He wrote more than 40 books, with about 1.5 million copies. The heroes of his books are motivating young people to this day.  

My grandfather lived a long and decent life. He was a writer, journalist, translator, a man with a strong spirit and absolute faith in a bright future. His life shows that dedication and hard work is the key to success. He always told me that nothing is impossible. You need to believe in yourself, follow your heart and never stop dreaming. His life inspires me. He is always in my heart.
By Mariya Lifinskaya 

Drawing of person in white coat holding pile of books
By Michael Pinch


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