A Person Who I Admire

Igor Sychev  and Oscar Baechler

I think a person who I admire is the fine art wedding photographer Jose Villa. For about 6 years I have been following his work. I absolutely love the soft, warm color palette on his photos. Villa has his own unique style of photography, which always inspires me in my work. I believe he deserves the title One of the Top Wedding Photographers in the World by Vogue, Martha Stewart Wedding, and Harper’s Bazaar. I admire Jose because he managed to achieve popularity in the United States of America despite the fact that he was born in another country. Another reason to admire this photographer is that he has a rare talent for masterfully shooting on film.¬†

According to Jose Villa‘s book‚ÄĮ‚ÄúFine art wedding photography‚ÄĚ, he was born in Mexico and raised on a ranch in Santa Barbara County, California. His childhood was full of memories that color his work even today. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, he took the traditional photographic training. Nothing special, just a classic photography education, I guess. The secret of his popularity lies not in education, but in his ability to work with light and colors. These are the qualities that attract me so much.¬†

While I admire his qualities, I also admire his desire to be different from everyone else, to go his own way in photography. Jose still shoots a lot with film. In his opinion, film offers the best results for the specific colors and lighting effects that determine his work. I absolutely agree with him. 

I don’t like to call any person my idol. I don’t consider myself as a crazy Jose fan. This is all against my rules. All I can say in conclusion is that I really admire his work and want to be like him one day.
By Igor Sychev

Drawing of woman with flowy dress looking up
By Oscar Baechler


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