My Neighborhood

Betsy Serrano and Rabecca Bowers

Moving to Washington State has been quite an adventure. Many years ago, my husband and I dreamed of living outside of Puerto Rico, to add other experiences to our lives. After many interviews and many attempts, in 2021, the opportunity came, and we have decided to live the adventure. In Puerto Rico, we were very well off, there we had our own house, and we had a job, but we wanted to have other experiences. In 2018, I visited Redmond on a work trip for my husband and I loved this state. To our surprise, in the middle of our moving process and upon arriving in WA, we received the news that the company my husband worked for in Puerto Rico was closing, so after all we left the island at the best of times. When I arrived to WA, I was clear about the neighborhood I wanted to live in. For this first year, I wanted an apartment with many windows, in a quiet place that is a child-friendly neighborhood, and close to my husband’s work. We found a lovely community, but living here has had its pros and cons.

There are many things that I enjoy in my neighborhood. For example, every morning, I see the lake when I go to take my son to school. It is a moment that I appreciate. Our apartment complex is quiet, and the colors of the houses are beautiful. I like the trees and all the flora in this community. I also like the trails in the area and one of them connects to the lake.

There are also some things that I don’t like about my neighborhood. For example, we have problems with theft. Some people come from other places to break car windows in this area and steal items they find inside the vehicles. Another situation that I have, and it has been quite uncomfortable is with my neighbor. He smokes in his apartment and the smell enters in my apartment through the bathroom fan. This is one of the most difficult situations.

Despite the situations of discomfort, I appreciate the advantages that this area has. The perfect place may not exist. For now, I appreciate all the advantages that this place offers me, and I learn new lessons in this process.

By Betsy Serrano

Colorful shapes: circles, rectangles filling room
By Rabecca Bowers


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