Bitter Sweet

Galyna Muzychyn and Sullivan Ayanna

I have a lot of people I admire, but first who comes to my mind is my mum. 

She is a very hard-working person and supports all my ideas and growth. I admire her because despite any situation she always stays positive and believes that there is a way out. My mother is a kind of person that can work really hard. I remember once after the dissolution of the Soviet Union the people who lived in these countries lost their investments and savings. It was a really difficult time since a lot of people lost their job, and also some of them even didn’t receive their salary on time. So, at that moment my mother was one of these people. Contrary to this unpleasant situation, she tried to create an illusion that everything is going to be fine. However, after dark when all of us went to bed, she continued to work baking cakes to be ready to sell them for additional income. She did her best so that we could have everything we needed. Likewise, my mum always supported me in finding my own path. She gently advised me, but never tried to change my mind. Even if I had crazy ideas, she tried to gently share her own opinion about that. For instance, once I decided to be a street-sweeper just because I enjoy being surrounded by beautiful clean places. She just smiled and told me that time will tell. It was pleasant to be always supported by her. 

After all, my mum is the best person for me. I will like her forever as long as I’m living. No matter what happens, I feel safe when she is next to me.
By Galyna Muzychyn 

Drawing of orientation upwards along rocky wall
By Sullivana Ayanna


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