My Neighborhood

Hui-Chun Chuang and Oscar Baechler

I’ve moved many times for my husband’s career. I liked to explore new places, however, after I have a kid, I dream of settling down somewhere with my family and have a lovely neighborhood. This summer, we relocated again to a suburb of Seattle from New York. We just had a one-time visual house tour in New York then signed the lease. Everything was unknown before we moved to our new house. There are some things I like and dislike about my neighborhood. However, for me, the benefits of my neighborhood really overbalance its disadvantages.

On the one hand, I love my neighborhood from many angles. For example, it’s a very quiet community. Even though it is next to a road with heavy traffic, when the path turns to our community, it is another world. We are also closer to two parks where we can be with family or alone to play or relax. It’s also a friendly and safe place. One of our neighbors greeted us with her homemade cookies when we just moved in. Our community is an outlet, and after the new school year began, all the kids play together after school in our neighborhood. The other families invited us to join in with them, and it made us feel so welcomed. The most important thing is everyone knows each other. I completely love the surroundings, the people who are living here, and my sweet home.

On the other hand, I don’t like my neighborhood for some reasons. For instance, the backyard is opening and closing to other neighbors. Everyone can go through to my back yard from my front door, and it makes me feel unsafe. Even though the community is safe, I am still not used to it. And the backyard is so close to others. If we are a bit loud, I think that everyone can hear my voice. It makes me nervous if we have some loud sound with my son. Also, the rent is so high, and it’s not my own house. Basic things in the house are not ours, we can do limited things in our home. We can’t remodel or repaint the house to the looks we like.

Considering all these factors, living in my neighborhood has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is a lovely and peaceful area. The benefits of living here outweigh the drawbacks. I am so thankful for meeting these friendly people and finding the place that makes me feel at home.

By Hui-Chun Chuang

Drawing of bust of person holding plate of cookies with word "Welcome!!" written below
By Oscar Baechler


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