My Mom is My Superhero

Betsy Serrano and Christian Castronuevo

My mom is the person who had the greatest impact on me. My mom inspired me to progress in my life and pursue my dreams.  

My mom lost your father when she studied in the university. She wanted to study for a doctor’s career, but my grandfather died at this moment, and her economic possibilities for starting this career disappeared. Elba is my mom’s name. She continued her studies in Nature Sciences, Pedagogy, and she taught for 30 years in the Department of Education in Puerto Rico. She didn’t stop her dreams because of this huge loss. She became a great teacher. She won the Best Teacher of the Year Award on a few occasions in our municipality, Orocovis. Orocovis is located in the center of Puerto Rico, the people call this municipality the “Heart of Puerto Rico”. She completed her years of services in education in 2008.  

In my childhood, I was very impressed when my mom proposed one goal and achieved it no matter what. I remember my first job in 2008 outside of my municipality in the city of Puerto Rico. My father was not convinced with this opportunity for me. He said the job was far and he was worried, but my mom decided to trust me. She went with me at the interview, and I was chosen. She believes in me, and she has accompanied me in all the important moments in my life.

My mom had a great impact on my destiny because she inspired my life and she loves me unconditionally. She is a wonderful grandmother too.
By Betsy Serrano

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By Cristian Castronuevo


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