My Sister Fiona

Hsiaochi Chiu and Tushar Chopra

I am a lucky person because throughout my life there are many people who influence me so much. I learned from their lessons, were taught by them and I became a person I want to be. However, my sister Fiona is the person who had the greatest impact on me. She inspired me to become independent and taught me the project management skills in my life.

First, my sister Fiona showed me the value of independence. She had a part-time job to earn money for supporting our family when my father’s business failed in 1982. She was just 15. She worked during the day and studied at night. She tutored my older brother and I to do homework. My family had many difficult times when my father’s business failed. One of the most difficult situations was when my left arm got burned by the hot soup in 1983. She took very good care of me and always showed me life is bright. I was so impressed about my sister’s personality and wished I could be a person just like her someday.

Second, Fiona inspired me to manage my projects well. She was a busy sister. She could finish a lot of tasks well within 24 hours a day. She could work during the day and go to school at night. She can tutor us and finish all the chores. She was also a student representative at her high school. She showed me how well she managed her little spare time. She always told me how she used the time management to control all her tasks because projects happen in our whole life. She encouraged me to be a project manager when I grew up.

As you can see my sister Fiona had a great impact on my destiny. She showed me that it is important to be independent and be a responsible person. Also, she gave me a dream to reach my goal, to be a project manager. I am so appreciative for having my sister.

By Hsiaochi Chiu

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By Tushar Chopra


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