My Neighborhood

Nina Nikolaeva; Alexander Wang; and Caroline Morris

I have lived in many cities in different countries. These were small towns and large megacities. I am not a fan of the noise of big cities, but life in small places is boring. I am living in Redmond now. This city is the golden mean for me. In this place, advantages small towns and megacities are connected.

There are such advantages of small towns like parks, places for playing and picnics. We live next to a park and a trail along the river. We prefer going for a walk there. There are many birds and animals. I like to watch them through binoculars. I also enjoy observing the blooming of new flowers throughout the year.

At the same time, there are advantages of a megacity. There are many grocery stores, restaurants, library and other public places near us. I can go shopping when I want. I don’t need to take a car for it. I can also join a lot of entertainments at any time. All these places are very close to us.

As you can see, my neighborhood has more benefits. We live both in nature and downtown. There is no hustle and bustle of the big city. At the same time, Redmond has the advantages of a megacity.

By Nina Nikolaeva

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