My Neighborhood

Kyler Veenstra; Paloma Valdiviezo; and Jaida Phillips

In my life, I have moved to different places, and it becomes more and more difficult for me to leave those places and start over. Now I live in a comfortable apartment on the outskirts of Seattle. Before that, I lived in a beautiful apartment in downtown Bellevue. I really loved living in that place. However, I had to move because it was very beautiful, but it was small. I really like my new neighborhood. It’s very different from the city. However, there are many things that I like and a few others that I dislike about my neighborhood.

There are a lot of things I enjoy about my neighborhood. For example, it’s very peaceful. My apartment is located within an ecological reserve. We are surrounded by forests and a lake. I love going for a run with my dog and getting to the bay. On the weekends, I like to go to eat with my husband at the restaurants near the bay. It is a very clean area, and the people are very friendly.

There are also some things I don’t like about my neighborhood. For instance, I have to drive to get anywhere. The supermarket is far away. If I want to walk, it is at least 1 hour to go and return. Also, I have to drive just if I want a coffee. Also, I don’t like that all restaurants and bars close around 10 pm. Besides, if I want to go for nightlife, I need to drive to Seattle, so I need to take the freeway.

Overall, the things I don’t like are less important than the things I like in my neighborhood. Maybe in other time I could return to live in downtown area. While that happens, I will continue to be happy living in this neighborhood.

By Paloma Valdiviezo

Swirls of lines on the ground
By Kyler Veenstra
Serrated leaves of plant
By Jaida Phillips



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