Stories from High Intermediate Students – My Neighborhood

These stories were developed in an high intermediate ELL class taught by Karyna Tytar with the story prompt My Neighborhood and The Person I Admire.

It’s been a privilege to work with so many talented students on this project. Each one of them bring a breadth of life experience from a variety of countries including Brazil, China, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Russia, Syria, and Taiwan. This publication includes essays the students wrote as a part of their English class during fall 2021. I am grateful to them for trusting us to help showcase their stories to a broader community. I am proud of how hard these students worked to improve their English skills, and I hope that by reading these narratives, many readers will feel inspired. I particularly hope that lower-level English students will see themselves in these stories and get motivated to advance their reading and writing skills. Thank you to the art faculty and students for providing incredible illustrations for this publication. They help to bring the stories to life.
Karyna Tytar, Professor International Programs and Global Education


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