Recently, I developed an entry level IT course that relies on group projects. This was to prepare students for more advanced IT courses that also involve group projects, up to and including capstone courses. During my graduate studies in Computer Science quite a few years ago, it seemed like almost every course involved one or more group projects. So group work in the IT curriculum is well established. But training IT students in effective group processes is not so well established. I found through teaching my entry level course for a few quarters that mostly we got lucky and the groups worked well. Sometimes we were not so lucky though. Preferring not to trust just luck, I decided to create this small guidebook to IT group work. The main intended audience is students, but teachers can use it too! Think of this as an attempt to climb higher on the Capabilities Maturity Model by documenting effective processes. In theory, that should lead to better results on a more reliable basis. After testing this content in actual courses for a quarter or two, I may return here to report on how that turned out! In the meantime, I would welcome feedback from any others who might wish to use this guidebook for their own purposes.


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