Adult Basic Education


Copyright gives the creator of a literary, artistic, musical, other creative and/or tangible work the right to publish, distribute, and/or sell that work.


English for Academic Purposes. The EAP program is designed to prepare international students for English language skills and use in the U.S. college classroom.


English Language Acquisition

Library materials

Library materials include: licensed e-books, online magazines & journals, streaming media, and other online resources available through the TCC Library subscriptions. These resources are restricted to TCC students, faculty and staff, and they are already-licensed materials that do not allow for customization and re-use or redistribution the same way as OER. Although library online resources are not "open," they are available at no extra cost to students.


Multimedia includes images, videos, and audio.


Open educational resources (OER) are openly licensed resources available at little or no cost that can be used for teaching, learning, or research. ("7 Things You Should Know About Open Educational Resources" by EDUCAUSE)

Open access

Open access (OA) refers to online resources that are free of all restrictions for access (e.g. paywalls or subscriptions). Open access can be applied to all forms of published resources and research, including peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed. Open access materials are NOT necessarily openly licensed. Sometimes, open access materials are also openly licensed, but you have to check the license or copyright info.


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