I Believe in Drives

Grace Marilyn Deisher

Personal Statement
Hello, My name is Grace Deisher and I love writing and expressing my creativity. I love sharing and bonding over amazing experiences in life. Along with writing I also love other aspects in creative arts such as photography and just some pen and paper art and drawing! I love expressing myself through these hobbies. Another interesting thing about me is even though I love the arts I am also very fascinated with automotive hobbies and that lifestyle. I am currently studying at Lake Washington to get my degree in and become an Auto Body Repair Technician.

What does that mean?

The windows down, sunroof open, the sun glazed across my body. Country music playing, cars racing by and my foot to the gas. Wanting to close my eyes to enjoy how tranquil my life is at this moment.

I believe car rides and drives for me are serene and they let me breathe and take a break from the world just for a second. I believe this is the case for people who don’t even realize it. With driving there’s a lot of laws and rules that can make driving seem boring or inconvenient. I view those laws as beneficial in more ways than most. such laws saying no phones while driving, no eating or drinking and no distractions to keep us and others safe on the road. While that’s important I think these laws do more than just keep us safe.

I’ve noticed as a passenger, as well as being the driver, that some of the best views I’ve seen or times I’ve had with my friends and family have been in the car and on drives. Even more than when we meet our destination. Why is that? All the distractions and disturbances are gone. It keeps you from really listening to someone or really looking at what’s around you and in front of you.

When you’re driving and see a breathtaking view, you instantly want to try to take out your phone and try to capture that moment, but you can’t. So you continue driving and don’t take your eyes off the road or the view in front of you. You’re drawn to it no matter what. You feel like you have no surroundings besides that steering wheel and the view in front of you.

The Windows down, sunroof open, the sun glazed across my body, country music playing, cars racing by and my foot to the gas. Wanting to close my eyes to enjoy how tranquil my life is at this moment.

This moment is when it all started. My feelings of drives after this specific moment changed forever and made me appreciate it and see it in a whole new light. It was like a breath of fresh air. My life felt like it was spinning that day, a million thoughts in my head, with my eyes locked to my phone trying to zone out my thoughts but it not working at all.

Seeing the sun shine through the window onto my bed made me want to take my keys, get in my car and just drive and feel the sun hit my face, so that’s what I did.

Sticking my hand out the window with my head pushed against the headrest with the only worry I have is making sure I don’t shut my eyes from how at peace I feel. I drove over a hill, and sunlight struck me in my face, it was hidden behind the mountains peeking over causing the mountains and sky to form a sight with countless colors and make it look like a textured painting. At that moment it almost felt like time stopped, I just faced forward leaning back with the wind pushing my hair back for me while country music played on the radio.

Moments like that, where I’m driving and I have a pause button, no texts, no phone calls, no thoughts crowding my mind because I’m focused on where I should go next or what I see up ahead. I believe in going on drives to clear your head to have it as a pause button. I believe that driving is an escape from reality.


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