He Matters

Alexandria Venable

Personal Statement

My name is Zandria, I’m a returning student to LW tech and also a single mom of a beautiful, blended family. I have five kiddos still at home with three of them being under the age of six. This includes my two bio sons, my two nieces, and my nephew who I have been raising for the past three years. I wrote “He Matters” as an assignment for my Diversity & Social Justice course though I am not a very artsy person I dug deep down into myself to put into words my worries and above all my love.


A mother’s love knows no color nor bounds, Her heart beats strong for her precious son, Yet in today’s world, fear tightly surrounds, As a mother of a black child, her worry’s begun.

Her son, a gift from the heavens above, A beautiful boy with brown skin, But with each passing day, her heart’s love Is mixed with fear, for the world we live in.

For she knows the dangers her son may face, The prejudice, the hatred, the ignorance too, All the horrors that could take his rightful place, And all the unjust actions that could befall him anew.

She prays for his safety, each night and day, For her love for him knows no bounds or end, She prays that the world will see him for who he is, one day, A beautiful soul, her precious beloved black son.

-For my sons Alijah & Alaric


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