11 Modern Activism: Using Technology As A Tool

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok allow people to post/share support as well as provide information or guidance. Sometimes these posts are part of ongoing advocacy—other times, “one and done” posts are symbolic gestures. Participating in – or at least posting about- an issue on social media can also be a result of “bandwagoning” or performative inauthentic support.

So how can we transcend performative posts and translate our best of intentions into social media activism that is doing it for more than just the “‘gram”–but for transformative social change? Furthermore, students and other youth are notoriously strapped with limited resources and time, so traveling for lobby visits and sit-ins may not always be feasible. Plus, in a post-pandemic world, not everyone is just yet comfortable with venturing out for face-to-face protests and constituency meet-and-greets. In comes technology to help us spread the word and continue to change the world.


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