Modernizing Activism

The days of in-person protests and sit-ins are not necessarily “gone”, but they are being replaced, or at least supplemented, by modern advocacy efforts–particularly those that employ technology and social media.

Youth culture and its affinity for activism is now transforming how we witness and perform advocacy. Most young folk these days have nearly non-stop unbridled (and mostly unsupervised) access to constant news content, from local to international. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok allow people all over the world to share daily events without the delay and censorship typical of traditional news sources. While there is the undeniable risk of false information, unchecked fact distribution, and other “fake news” woes, there is also the ability to view content from citizens from all over the world sharing their personal accounts and engage in #hashtag activism#.

Gen Z (and millenials too!) are changing activism–read more here: .

So what does the new face of advocacy look like if there aren’t any literal boots on the ground to stomp and protest? Let’s explore virtual advocacy further…


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