11 Profit Margin

The profit margin, which we will express as a percent, is the percent of your business’s earnings that you get to keep. You want your profit margin to be as high as possible! The formula for calculating your profit margin is:

Net Profit Margin equals net profit divided by total revenue times one hundred

Let’s say your net profit, or income, for the month is $4,657.09, but your total income was $68,043.12. You would set up the problem like this:

fraction numerator $ 4 comma 657.09 over denominator $ 68 comma 043.12 end fraction space cross times space 100 space equals space 6.84 space left parenthesis r o u n d e d space t o space n e a r e s t space h u n d r e d t h right parenthesis

Your profit margin is 6.84%, which means that you get to keep 6.84% of your business’s earnings for the month.

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To practice calculating the profit margin of a business.


By completing this assignment, you will be able to…

  • Understand what a profit margin is.
  • Calculate the profit margins of given businesses.


To complete this assignment…

  1. Read the problems carefully and find the correct answers.
  2. Be sure to show how you set up each problem.


Tips for Success

To help in the completion of this assignment, make sure to:

  • Read each problem carefully and understand what it is asking.
  • Include how you set up each problem in order to get credit.

Profit Margin Assignment

Find the profit margins given the total revenue and net profit (net income).

Total Revenue Net Profit Profit Margin
$13,493.38 $4,287.29 1)
$15,283.49 $3,203.53 2)
$21,394.05 $5,692.29 3)
$19,384.02 $2,139.50 4)
$18,274.58 $6,392.30 5)
$14,207.35 $1,293.69 6)
$15,284.04 $3,193.49 7)
$17,827.28 $2,902.83 8)
$11,294.42 $1,284.49 9)
$13,289.48 $2,298.51 10)
$16,293.61 $3,596.54 11)
$15,498.09 $3,019.21 12)
$12,380.57 $1,897.32 13)
$14,253.90 $3,029.29 14)
$17,384.58 $5,293.80 15)
$20,485.39 $5,294.07 16)
$19,284.59 $4,294.56 17)
$15,394.48 $2,394.90 18)


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