13.5 Learning Activities

Learning Activities

(Answers to “Learning Activities” can be found in the “Answer Key” at the end of the book. Answers to interactive activity elements will be provided within the element as immediate feedback.)

Ms. Curtis is a 67-year-old patient admitted for a left total knee replacement. She is post-op Day 2 and is currently receiving care on the medical surgical unit. Ms. Curtis has been complaining of pain and refused her previous two physical therapy appointments. She agrees to sitting up in the chair, but declines walking.

  1. What focused assessments should the nurse perform and why?
  2. What complications could occur related to Ms. Curtis’ immobility?
  3. What SMART outcomes should the nurse plan in collaboration with Ms. Curtis?
  4. List interventions the nurse should plan for Ms. Curtis and their rationale.
  5. How will the nurse evaluate if the interventions are successful?

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