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Primary sources!?! 

Have you ever been asked to use primary sources for a project? If you are in a lib ed or history course get ready. Primary sources are things (letters, newspaper articles, images, art, music) created during the historic time period you are studying. For example, if you are studying World War I – you can read a diary written by a solider or battlefield nurse. These sources are unique and can be a rich source. We have online collections these Adam Mathews Databases! For example: Defining Gender, Popular Medicine in America 1800-1900, China: Trade, Politics and Culture or Race relations in America, and much more.

Men Boxing in front of a Crowd, 1872   Cover art for The Night Side of London, Robert Machray, illustrated by Tom BrowneHoliday in East London






Curious about population growth or how the U.S. Census data can be used? Check out this map of Minnesota tracking population changes. We have tools like PolicyMap, a data and mapping application you can use to build your own maps with 15,000 data points related to demographics, housing, crime, mortgages, health, jobs and more (#SpiceUpYourResearchPaper).  Or view campus history by map.

Campus History Map example.

Digital learning tools

Interested in or taking an anatomy class? Use a helpful guide to learn about bones, muscles and more in An@tomy.TV.  Or are plants more your thing (#IamCFANS)? Global plants has high resolution images of plant and flower specimens from around the world with links to primary sources (diaries, paintings, drawings, and photographs) about the plants.

gif of Anatomy.tv example


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