Yes, some of your instructors might just ask you write research papers. Okay, more than likely.

Here are a few tips for this new reality:

Tip 1: You are not alone — there is help all over campus. Get help early and get help often! You can get online help from the Libraries or the Center for Writing BEFORE you have written a word  – we can help with pick a topic, brainstorming, or making an outline.

Tip 2: Try the assignment calculator. Put in your due date for a research paper, speech or media project and get the research and writing steps with links for help. You can also sign up to text message reminders.

Tip 3: Make a 30-minute online appointment with a Peer Research Consultant to get help with finding good paper topics, finding high-quality sources and more.

Bonus tip!

Success.umn.edu is a “hub” for Gophers find more virtual peer tutoring for 250+ courses!

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