Being informed about topics and candidates is a super important part of a democracy – you can use the libraries for this stuff too! #LibraryResearch4life

Smart Politics
Smart Politics is a non-partisan political news site authored and founded in 2006 by Dr. Eric Ostermeier with support from UMN’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs and Center for the Study of Politics and Governance (CSPG).

Local News

Try an alternative news sources:

  • Ethnic NewsWatch
    Ethnic NewsWatch is a current resource of full-text newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic and minority press from 1990, providing researchers access to essential, often overlooked perspectives.

While you do not need to be registered to vote in Minnesota to
request an absentee  ballot, the process will be easier if you are already registered to vote. If you need to register or update your voter registration, you may want to do that online before applying for an absentee ballot. 

See the Minnesota Secretary of State website about voting early by mail and the Libraries voting FAQ for information on how to register.

Choose an option to move forward.

Option 1: Let’s be done, so I can go register to vote!


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