Now that you are in college classes, it is useful to know about how “scholarly information” gets created and how it is different from popular information sources like The New York Times, Vox or Snapchat.

Here is a quick way to get to know the different types of sources.

“Popular” sources:

  • are short (e.g. less than 5 pages).
  • are written by a journalist.
  • use everyday language and are easy to understand.
  • have zero or only a couple of sources listed or “cited” at the end.

“Academic” or “peer reviewed” journals:

  • are long (15-30+ pages).
  • are written by faculty or scholar.
  • use jargon and complex language.
  • have a long list of sources “cited” at the end.

Take a quick video break.

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Option 1: Tell me more about these fancy journals

Option 2: Do college students do research?


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