Yes, seriously! Never pay for articles for your assignments. Your tuition dollars ($$$) already pay for library databases that contain…

Online journals; e.g., American Journal of Political Science, Journal of the American Medical Association, etc.

JAMA Medical News

Online magazines; e.g., The Atlantic, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, New Yorker, etc.

Front Cover of the New Yorker magazine

Online newspapers; e.g., New York Times, Seattle Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc.

NYT: requires free registration using your everettcc.edu email address at http://nytimes.com/passes

Step 1: Go to http://nytimes.com/passes

Step 2: Click ‘Create Account’ button

Step 3: Complete fields: you must use your @everettcc.edu email

Step 4: Verify your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email*


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