Who uses Google to find information?

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Yep, pretty much everyone. We like Google too. It is a great tool to find quick background information about a topic, or find a cool local restaurant. However, here is something to keep in mind about Google…

Why does it exist?
“To quickly organize information for us” is what you might be thinking. A Google search does organize information quickly but the real reason Google exists (like all companies) is to make money.  Google primarily does this by selling advertising. Ads are not very helpful for trying to dazzle your instructors with amazing sources.

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So keep in mind, that when Google makes improvements to its search it is to sell you stuff better and NOT to help with your research papers. BUT Google has other services that focus on academic research! Have you tried…Google Scholar?

Choose an option to move forward.

Option 1: Should I heart Google Scholar too?

Option 2: Tell me more about library search tools


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