Brennan McCulloh – Untitled


Film photography.
A dark, red lighted inside of an ice cream parlor, showing behind the counter while the parlor is closed. There are chains behind the counter, separating the parlor from the street. Across the street is a closed store, the name in neon red. Neon red arrows point to the right.
A silver metal sphere reflects tall buildings and sunlight. The sphere is surrounded by bright green plants. Buildings rise up behind the plants.
A two tiered apartment building with metal railing. '3033' is on the top railing while the bottom is lined with bright green bushes. There is a body of water and a clear blue sky in the background.
A gray cement walkway overlooking water with small mountains in the distance. The sky is bright blue.
A snowy landscape overlooking an icy river lined with evergreens and bare trees. Mountains rise in the distance, disappearing into fog.


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