Abegail Seber – Anhedonia


All acrylic paint with fine detail of sharpie.
I wanted to express more in depth of a persons mind with this painting. Expanding on what the inside of one is, in other words expressing the non visible.

A bird sitting on a branch with two leaved, in black sharpie and acrylic paint displayed on a white paper.

A blue glass bottle casting a shadow upon a rectangular and a square brown box, sitting on a draped blue fabric. Acrylic paint on canvas.A pair of round petaled flowers surrounded by longer pointed leaves. Black sharpie upon white paper. The artist's signature is on the right, between the flowers.

Purple and stylized foliage in the foreground rest upon orange and red rock. A line of lighter purple rock sits midway up the canvas, leading to orange and red spires of rock and a cliff face with a flat top disappearing to the right. The background is a light blue darkening slightly to the top left corner. Acrylic on canvas. The artist's signature is in the bottom left corner.

An octopus in black fine sharpie drawn diagonally from the upper right corner to the bottom left, on white paper. The artist's signature is in the middle right of the page.


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