Krist Olhouser – Cognitive Dissonance


Acrylic and mica powder watercolor on canvas.
Exploration of personal mental health struggles, contrasted by the fluffy cutesy filters that one might see on social media where we all pretend to be the best version of ourselves.
A figure with short black hair and light brown eyes looks at the viewer while they dominate the piece. They are in front of a blue background and surrounded by pink and white hearts and sparkles. On the right bottom corner is a swathe of yellow with Japanese script.
A figure is standing behind a brown counter and white sink. They have dark brown hair and a black shirt. A large dark brown spot covers their face, the brown dripping down to the bottom of the piece. They are in front of a light gray wall, blue towels, and a blue shower curtain. Pink and white hearts and sparkles surround them. There is Japanese script on the left.


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