Xianhua Hu – Printmaking Patterns and Egyptian Blue


Paper, color pad and stamp; info graphic (Canva).
A single row of blue stamped flowers made out of straight lines run diagonally from the upper left to bottom right of the page. Rose of rounded green stamped flowers are on either side of the blue, running in the same diagonal line. Blue stamped flowers with pointed petals create an 'X' across the piece, overlapping once in the middle. Pink stamped flowers with rounded petals fill the negative space in between, not overlapping.
An infographic stating: "Egyptian Blue "Creation. Egyptian blue is the world's oldest known synthetic pigment. It originated in Egypt over 5,000 years ago, around 3300 BCE." [There is a photo of blue stones in a wooden bowl to the left.] "Wall painting. Wall painting in Egyptian blue, from Tomb of Nebamun 18th Dynasty (1567-1320 BCE). Copyright The Trustees of the British Museum." [There is a photo of the aforementioned artwork to the right] "Ceramics. William is the nickname given to this small Egyptian Middle Kingdom statuette of a hippopotamus. The figurine was made in the 12th Dynasty (circa 1961-1878 BC) and was placed with another in a tomb. Displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.: [There is a photo of the aforementioned hippopotamus to the left.] "Temple of Dendra. Hieroglyphic carvings and paintings on the interior walls of an ancient Egyptian temple in Dendera." [There is a photo of the aforementioned work to the right.] "Last Glory. The last of the Egyptian blue was only found in Pompeii. Over time, around the fourth century AD, with the emergence of other colors, the need to use Egyptian blue was no longer there, and the craft was lost. It wasn't until the 20th century that a single company returned to the traditional method." [There is a painting of three people to the right.] "Although we have had very little demand for Egyptian blue until now Egyptian blue is a noble and mysterious color."


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