Introduction to the 2023 Student Art Show

Amber Chiozza

In Winter 2023, the Instructional Arts Committee at Lake Washington Institute of Technology invited ALL students to share their creative works, and this online gallery showcases their submissions. This is the first student art exhibition we have hosted since 2020, and we are eager to return to the annual tradition, creating a space that celebrates all students’ talents here at our college. This exhibition is hosted on campus during the Winter and Spring quarters of 2023, and we also created this online gallery for remote staff, faculty, and students to enjoy. The submissions ranged from traditional media to digital artworks, posters, and even some truly impressive origami; we wanted to make sure that all students, not just design or art students, had a space to show off their gifts and expertise. Upon seeing all the submissions for this show, it reinforced what the faculty and staff of LWTech already knew: we are fortunate to have a truly creative, talented, and dedicated group of students here at our college.


2023 LWTech Student Art Show Guide Copyright © 2023 by Amber Chiozza. All Rights Reserved.

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