DSJ Questions to Add to Existing Discussions in Non-DSJ Courses

Sharon Raz

The following discussion questions can be added to one of your existing non-DSJ class discussions, either in class or in Canvas:

Assign your reading materials to the class (this can be a part of your regular reading assignments, which are related to your course’s materials). In addition to the regular questions that you ask, add another question, which relates to diversity, inclusion, and/or equity.

It could look something like this:

In 8 sentences or more, evaluate the chapter/reading/article from a diversity, equity, or inclusion point of view (you can also refer to more specific theories or perspectives). Does the writing reflect points of view of people and social groups from different ways of life, with different social identities, backgrounds? How would you improve the writing, so it would be more inclusive of different social groups and individuals? You are welcome to evaluate the readings from multiple perspectives.

Please reply, in 5 or more sentences, to, at least, one of your classmates. You are invited to expand on your classmate’s perspective with your own information and reflections, to ask questions, and to share your perspective.



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