Acknowledge Your Biases – A Discussion About Implicit Bias

Sharon Raz

The following is a discussion board essay that my Organizational Psychology (PSYC324) are assigned.

In this discussion, you will visit a web site and test your Implicit Associations.

  1. In completing this activity, you are invited to:
  2. Take at least 1 of the tests (e.g., Sexuality IAT, Race IAT, Weight IAT, etc.)
  3. Read more about the background and context for the IAT testing
  4. Write a short essay about your reflections:

Some people’s implicit and explicit beliefs coincide with each other while others do not. When they do not match, it is typically the case that people’s implicit beliefs indicate more stereotype endorsement or more bias than their explicit beliefs indicate. This means that often deep down people have more stereotypes and prejudices than they consciously believe they do. With that in mind, please reflect on the following questions:

a) Did your implicit and explicit stereotypes match?

b) If not, how did it make you feel? Surprised, guilty, defensive, skeptical, depressed? Why?

c) What consequences do you think the mismatch might have?

d) What do you think the sources of implicit biases are for you and how can they be altered?

e) All of us have implicit biases. What are the possible effects of these biases on the work-place?

Your reflections discussion should demonstrate your understanding of the content you read and practiced. You are encouraged to use additional materials, current events, and prior knowledge as examples to connect with the main points you are discussing. Use APA format to cite the resources that you are using. The Discussion Board Essay must be at least 500 words. An essay greater than 500 words is acceptable. Your essay should be well organized with complete sentences. After submitting your essay, please respond to at least one of your peers.


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