References for Power, Privilege, and Inequity

Toolkits and Glossaries

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Racism and White Privilege: Readings and Resources

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Sexism and Homophobia: Readings and Resources

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Ableism: Readings and Resources

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Ageism: Readings and Resources

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Discussing Oppression in English Classes

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On “Race Corrections”

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On Redlining

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Police Interactions

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Investigating the Wage Gap in a Math Class

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Discussing White Privilege

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Discussing Ageism in A Biology Class

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Classism Discussion in a Customer Service Class

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Power, Privilege, and Inequity Resources in American Government Classroom

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Power, Privilege, and Inequity Resources for Design Classes

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How to Talk about Privilege with Someone Who Doesn’t Understand Privilege

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Power, Privilege, and Inequity in Gaming

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Explaining Triggers with Comics

***LINK REDIRECTS TO DIFFERENT PAGE *** a comic explaining them (

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Race-Related Resources

Karen Valby, n.d., The Realities of Raising a Kid of a Different Race (

National Public Radio, 2020, A Decade Of Watching Black People Die (



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