Share and Reflect: Example Discussion Board

Sharon Raz

In this discussion board, students are invited to share a resource about a specific topic, summarize it, and discuss its relevancy to the class’s discussions. Students are then invited to read the shared resources and reply to each other’s posts. Here is an example of how this discussion board could be written:

You are invited to do some research about the topic and post an academic article, a media article, or a short video that is directly connected to what you have read for this week’s topic. You must post a link or .PDF of the resource and answer the following prompts about it:

  1. WHAT: What is it about?
  2. SO WHAT: Why is it important?
  3. NOW WHAT: What will you do with this information? So what does this article mean to us in our current social climate?
  4. Read your classmates shared resources and respond to at least one of your peers.

Some ideas of topics this discussion can address: Environmental justice, racism, sexism, ableism.

You can also discuss current events by inviting students to share resources and discuss them.


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