A Scientist Profile: A Discussion in a Microbiology Class

Barcin Acar

During the first week of microbiology class, we talk about the history of microbiology and the contributions of various scientists to the science of microbiology. These folks are usually of European descent and white. After talking about the history of microbiology as shown in textbooks, I assign the following discussion forum to my students. After the assignment closes, students introduce the scientist they select and talk about why they chose this particular individual. In their speech, students reflect on what they have learned as they were doing this research.

Participate In This Discussion: Scientist Profile

You have read the introduction chapter in your microbiology textbook. We learned about history of microbiology as the textbook presented. Most scientists presented were European-descent white males. Let’s enrich our knowledge about the contribution of scientists to Microbiology or Biology who we identify with more.


  1. Create a scientist profile of a scientist who is counter-stereotypical. To find a scientist who shares the same ethnicity, race, gender preference or scientific interests, you need to do some research.
  2. Once you pick the scientist you wish to research, report back on what you learned about their contribution to science.

Below are some links to help you get started.

  1. Native American Scientists
  2. 500 Queer Scientists
  3. Celebrating scientists with disabilities
  4. Scientist spotlight
  5. Chicanos, Hispanics and Native Americans in Science

After completing the above inquiry, please comment on two other students’ postings.

These discussions will be continued in a respectful manner. No flame or derogatory messages will be tolerated.

Answer instructor’s questions by [Date, Time], post two comments by [Date, Time].

Discussion will be graded based on quality of the answers and participation. All questions posted in the forum will be addressed. Responses should have more depth than” I agree”. Where appropriate, please bring in relevant examples. Repeat comments and/or questions will not be graded. Don’t forget to add your references.


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