Chapter 12 (Abdominal Assessment)

Answer Key to Chapter 12 Learning Activities

  1. A – Nausea, B – Vomiting, D – Bloating
  2. A – Bowel Sounds
  3. B – There are hypoactive bowel sounds in all quadrants, C – Firmness is palpated in left lower quadrant
    D (SO): Patient reports ongoing constipation without bowel movement for greater than 24 hours. The patient reports intermittent nausea that is increasing in frequency and has had one episode of vomiting. The patient’s abdomen appears bloated, and bowel sounds are hypoactive in all quadrants. There is notable firmness present in the left lower quadrant with palpation. The patient denies tenderness.
    A: Provider updated regarding patient’s bowel status and assessment. Order received to administer Milk of Magnesia 30 mL PO times one dose. Medication was administered at 0800.
    R (P). Patient reported having a large formed brown stool at 1100. Stool is noted to be soft and brown. Patient reports relief from nausea. Bowel sounds are noted in all quadrants. Will continue to monitor bowel status.
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