XXII Glossary

Fenestrated cannula: Type of tracheostomy tube that contains holes so the patient can speak if the cuff is deflated and the inner cannula is removed.

Flange: The end of the tracheostomy tube that is placed securely against the patient’s neck.

Inner cannula: The cannula inside the outer cannula that is removed during tracheostomy care by the nurse. Inner cannulas can be disposable or reusable with appropriate cleaning.

Oropharyngeal suctioning: Suction of secretions through the mouth, often using a Yankauer device.

Outer cannula: The outer cannula placed by the provider through the tracheostomy stoma and continuously remains in place.

Suction canister: A container for collecting suctioned secretions that is attached to a suction source.

Suction catheter: A soft, flexible, sterile catheter used for nasopharyngeal and tracheostomy suctioning.

Tracheostomy: A surgically created opening that goes from the front of the neck into the trachea.

Tracheostomy dressing: A manufactured dressing used with tracheostomies that does not shed fibers, which could potentially be inhaled by the patient.

Yankauer suction tip: Rigid device used to suction secretions from the mouth.


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