Blind Spots (2022)

Lisa Carmack


“Blind Spots: Challenge Assumptions”

For this discussion board activity, please reflect on and write about this video:

Blind Spots (video — 2:19)



a.) Please answer each question below by writing a minimum of 5 sentences. Include details and specific examples in your answers.

b.) In order to earn credit for this assignment, reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Remember to be respectful and supportive.

Questions to Answer

  1. What ‘blind spots’ do you think you have experienced in your own life (either as the person who was pre-judged or the one who did the pre-judging)?
  2. What are some assumptions that people probably make about you in the first 10 seconds of meeting you? Which of those probable assumptions is actually incorrect? Explain.
  3. Think of someone close to you (significant other, best friend, family member). Tell 3 ways in which you are similar and 3 ways that you are different.
  4. How can differences be strengths?


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