Teaching Difference is Dental Hygiene Class (2022)

Danette Lindeman

The difference learning objective we focus on is Discuss and analyze how categories of difference are or have been created, maintained and experienced through power, privilege, and inequity.

My Community Health courses include a four-quarter, community-based dental health education group project. Each group chooses a target population with a need for an oral health intervention.

Class group activity:

Choose a Healthy People 2020 Oral Health objective that relates to your Community Health Project. Analyze social differences and compare groups for statistical differences.

Answer the following guiding questions:

  • Use the data charts at Healthy People 2020 to compare, contrast and describe the differences between groups.
    • Race/ethnicity
    • Sex
    • Family income
    • Country of birth
    • Health insurance status
    • Etc.
  • What groups exhibited the greatest health disparities?
  • Discuss any changes in health disparities over time (see “view disparities” tab).
  • What factors might have influenced the differences between the groups?

Example: OH-1.1 Reduce the proportion of children aged 3-5 years with dental caries experienced in their primary teeth. Students can view data from different groups, such as Race/EthnicitySex , etc. Healthy People 2030 does not have enough data for this assignment.


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