Power, Privilege, and Inequity Resources for a Nutrition Class (2021)

Tara Coffin

This is a personal piece I did several years ago, focusing on the impact privilege has in the context of perinatal nutrition and access to human milk: “Four Bags of Milk”

These concepts are incredibly relevant to Nutrition 101, and provide a vignette of sorts that illustrates how the social determinants of health come into play, and thus, power and privilege as well. Following a year of public health and environmental crises, the importance of access to human milk as an issue of safety and sovereignty, is critical. Along those lines of thinking, I believe this particular public health issue provides a lens to see how these issues play out in real-time, and what systems inequities in power and privilege play. I can see building this example into a unit in my Nutrition class, using some of the following resources which speak more to this point:


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