Using Podcasts to Better Understand Differences (2021)

Lindsey Smith

I love to use podcasts, here are a few that offer different perspectives on seemingly “obvious” problems in politics:

  • Death of a Blood Sport. This is a podcast about the banning of cockfighting as a specific way to target Puerto Rican culture.  It presents the complexities of this past time and also the problematic way policy is often developed and applied to Puerto Rican people.
  • The Black Table in the Big Tent. This podcast talks about Black Republicans.  It discusses how often campaigns view Black Americans as a homogeneous group and this often leads to a dismissal of their concerns and unique perspectives.
  • Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, Not Columbus . This podcast discusses Native American perspectives and reasoning for changing Christopher Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.  It gives perspectives that many students are not taught in school and encourages them to think differently about how holidays, statues, various other seemingly benign things have important meanings and historical context.


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