Have You Ever Bought a New Car?

Misook Eum and Hannah Svedberg

I bought a new diamond white car, and I love it. First, I researched different kinds of cars from catalogs and the internet sites. Then I visited a few dealerships in Bellevue to see many cas and get catalogs. Next, I preferred to buy a sedan to an SUV because I have already had two SUV in my house. After my husband and I had gone to dealerships to test drive the cars, we decided to buy a car. After that, I checked the car for its color, various options, four-wheel drive and warranty. I also wondered for how many years the warranty was. Before I bought the new car, I had gone to the bank to cash a check. Finally, I bought the new car. I was so happy to drive it. It’s my best friend because it takes my anywhere and at any time. I love my diamond white car.
By Misook Eum

Drawing of car next to wall of building
By Hannah Svedberg


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