My Classmate Lily

Rui Wu and Nigel Neely

Lily was my classmate in high school, and I admire her because she is a very hard worker and has an optimistic view of life. She came to the U.S in 2008. Unable to speak English, she had to work in a restaurant to support her family. She thought that she needed a better life, so she decided to become an insurance agent. Her first goal was to learn English, so she took classes at the local community college in 2009 and spent a lot of time to studying every day. Through two years of constant effort, she improved her English very well. Her next goal was to get an insurance license. It was very difficult for her, but she didn’t give up. In 2012, She got an insurance license through online study and, during the same year, she started working for an insurance company. She was very earnest in her work and often helped many clients. After just three years, she became a Gold leader in her company. When I feel tired of studying, she always encourages me with her experience. Now she plans to start her own company, and I hope she will succeed.
By Rui Wu

Drawing of female face
By Nigel Neely


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