My First Car

Hyekyung Jo and Gryphon McLaughlin

Do you remember when you bought your first car? I can’t forget the time when I bought my first car. South Korea’s public transportation was well developed, and I hated traffic, so I used the subway to get to work. I had decided to come to America, so I got a driver’s license. As soon as I came to America, I decided to buy my first car.

First, I thought about the style of car I wanted. I preferred an SUV to a sedan. I‘d rather have a small, compact car than a big, long car. Next, my husband and I compared the brand, the type of car, and the price on the internet. We picked two things: a Jeep Renegade and an Audi Q3. Then we went to two dealerships. The Audi Q3 was not yet available with a new model, so we headed the Jeep store. When I saw the Renegade, which I had only seen previously in pictures, I liked it. After I test drove it with the dealer, I liked it all the more. Finally, I bought my first car and drove it home.

I was so excited and happy that day! Now I drive to school with my son, listening to music every morning.
By Hyekyung Jo

Drawing of person looking down street at car
By Gryphon McLaughlin


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